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The United World Team is offering you study material for Free.

The material is based upon personal life experiences and channelled Visdom of Light.

What does this mean?

1) You get it for Free. Don't spend your hard earned money.

2) All the material you find here is built upon PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. There is a lot of Mambo Jumbo out there. Here you find knowledge that works.

Here you learn:

- How to Meditate sitting, standing, walking, working etc?
- What is Enlightenment?
- What is Accension and how to Accend to higher dimensions?
- Light and Love, what is it and how to live in it?
- Paralell dimensions. What path do you choose to walk?
- Healing, Channelling etc.

The founder of The United World Team, Mr. Michael Toerosen has been a successful management consultant and coach in the North for a life time. From 1990 - 1997 Michael withdraw from the world into the fashionable Wat Khao, a buddhist monastry located deep inside the jungle, far up into the mountains of Asia.

There Mr Toerosen spent 7 years in meditation. He moved to Sweden 1999 and lives there today.

Our homepage is created to help you to awaken to your full potential, to support you in aligning more with the one-you-really-are.

Now, please, take a look at the study material The United World Team offers you for Free.

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My story

My story will give you a clear picture of who is behind- and what more is in it for you.

(SCANDINAVIAN: ER DU NORSK, SVENSK ELLER DANSK? Til venstre her ser du flere lenker nedover siden. Lengst ned under lenken NORWEGIAN INFO finner du informasjon på norsk.)

Toerosen Michael | Skapa en profillänk

My story is about Michael's road to Spiritual Enlightenment
My story is about the Norwegian Michael Toerosen's search for spiritual Enlightenment. He left everything and settled down in a Buddhist temple for 7 years.
What is Enlightenment?
The question What is Enlightenment? can be approached in two different fashions...
LoveCircle is a Workshop about Love
Masters and mastery
Many masters have achieved mastery by being upon planet Earth, experiencing its multiple experiences and expressing their Divine Essence in each.
Aktiviteter som garantert bidrar til din utvikling
Oversikt over våre aktiviteter
The World Team Blog
The World Team Blog gir deg informasjon hver gang nye sider etc. legges inn paa Abonner her.
Meditasjon er ikke en flykt fra livet uten en flykt tilbake til livet.
Nyhetsbrevet "The Art of Unity"
Nyhetsbrevet <b>"The Art of Unity"</b> kommer ut hver 14. dag. Publiseringen av nyhetsbrevet startet i januar 2004.
Hvordan du skriver en bestselger
Hvordan du skriver en bestselger er et 7 trinns brevkurs som viser deg hvordan du skriver en bok.
Kontakt oss
Her kan du kontakte oss med dine undringer osv.
Norsk info om hva The United World Team kan gi deg
Norsk info om de selvrealiserings kunnskapene som The United World Team kan gi deg finner du her.